CrossFit Dark Side – Home WOD

1: Metcon (Time)

CrossFit Home WOD

4 Rounds

400m Run

10/10 Single Arm Thrusters
If you have no where to run sub for 100 Jumping Jack’s.

Thrusters will be all 10 left arm right into 10 right arm.

If you are using a slam ball perform 20 thrusters like you were holding a plate.

2: Metcon (Time)

BootCamp WOD

3 Rounds

10 Lateral Lunge + Shuffle

10 Bad Dog

10 Single + Kickback

10 Frog Pumps

10 Push-Up Down Dog

Right Into


Single-Leg Leg Lift

Skater Plyos

Gorilla Burpees + Jump

Right Into

3 Rounds

:30 Hollow Hold

:30 Hollow Rock

20 Plank Leg Lifts

Right Into


Single-Leg Leg Lifts

Skater Plyos

Gorilla Burpees + Jump
Coach Jusilla will be providing a video explaining and demonstrating the flow and movements for this workout!